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Subway is a fast food restaurant which was first introduced in the United States of America. This restaurant has been famous for its variety of sandwiches, burgers, salads and many other fast food items. The restaurant has its outlets in 108 different countries and has gained the status of biggest...

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JP Morgan

J.P. Morgan was a United States citizen who served as banker and had other abilities such as art collecting hobbies, making corporate financing related decisions and many more. His contributions to the society started in 1892 by merging Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company. J.P Morgan was also responsible...

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Century Link Incorporation is a U.S based company which has a head quarter I Monroe, Louisiana. This company serves its customers by offering communication related services, data services and many other facilities to the business firms, government institutes and customers in the whole sale market. The company started offering its...

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Metro Bank

Metro Bank is a famous bank in the United Kingdom which started in the year 2010. This bank was the result of efforts and investments of Vernon Hill. It has a head quarter which is located in London. The bank is responsible for provision of different products and services to...

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Money Mutual

Money Mutual offers an online portal for its customers where they can find lenders on temporary and short term basis. This company contacts the person who I asking for financial help in form of loan from this company in order to confirm his identification and then proceed with the procedure....

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Kmart is a U.S based company which offers its customers a number of items at discount rates in its chain of stores. This company purchased and started owning Sears in the year 2005 by making a huge amount of investment that is $11 billion. The newly formed organization was named...

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Joy online is an online entertainment portal where internet users can have access to different online games and other services. These services include access to latest news updates from all over the world, sports news and entertainment, political notifications from all over the world, latest events, incidents and accidents in...

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Green Dot

Green Dot Corporation is a credit card company which offers its customers all over America a number of master cards and via cards. You can get services from this company by visiting one of the 60,000 retail stores that is nearest to your home location. This company started its services...

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Citigroup Incorporation is a U.S based banking firm which offers financial services to its customers residing all over the world. This bank has its head quarter located in New York City, U.S. the company serves about 140 different countries with its products and services by providing convenient access to its...

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Discover card

Discover card is a type of credit card which is offered by the company for the citizens of United States of America. The card was invented by Sears in the year 1985 and has been a complete success over the country after its introduction. These cards are issued by the...

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ADP which is a U.S. based company offers its customers a number of services related to vehicles and other heavy machinery. This company started offering its services in 1949 in New Jersey, US. In addition to the above mentioned services, the company also enables its customers to offer human resource...

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gift  card

Fidelity Investments is a U.S based company which offers its customers a number of financial services via multiple number of its outlets. This company came into being in 1946 and has been offering its services all over the world since then. The head quarter of this company is based in...

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Assurance Specialty Property

Assurance Specialty Property created a special website for its customers and residents of the United States of America to create a more convenient means of accessing the services offered by them. This company offers all its products and services on the official website as well. the provided details by the...

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My Benny

Customers can use the Benny official portal for visiting the official website and viewing different services offered by this company. This website also has a link to Benny Education center where you can view different benefits of the card offered by this company. The company also helps its customers out...

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My Benefits is a website which offers information about different employee benefits on its official portal. This website also has options of logging in for the users of this page in case if they are employee, service providers or employers. You can read information related to different services and offers under...

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Avon Products Incorporation offers its customers a number of beauty products and cosmetics all over the United States of America. This company has been able to make sales of $10 billion during the year 2013. The company is classified among the top 5 biggest cosmetics goods manufacturing and selling company’s...

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Netspend Corporation is a U.S. based company which offers a number of credit and debit card services to its customers This company came into being as a result of effort of Roy and Bertrand Sosa who took help from their friends and family to make the project alive and working....

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IXL aims to innovate and create new technological equipments to facilitate the students with learning process during their studies. The company believes in designing algorithms and providing a scientific approach to make the process of learning easier for children as well as adults. The company offers its products to be...

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Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is a government owned lottery system in the state of Arkansas, U.S. the company offers a rules and regulations section on its official website and residents of this state must abide by these rules for having the eligibility status to apply for lottery tickets. STEPS: You can...

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Medicare is a government owned department which offers its customers the ability to get a number of medical plans by going to the official website of this department and filing claims. This department operates all over the United States of America and is categorized among the social insurance program providers....

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United Health Care is one of the largest health care departments that operate in the United States and came into being in 1977. This company generated revenue of more than 122.489 billion US Dollars in the year 2013. The company name is also abbreviated as UHC and was renamed as...

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UHC which is also known as United Health Care offers its customers a number of health care facilities by offering a number of programs. This company came into being in 1974 and has been able to offer reliable and high quality services since its beginning. This company has been able...