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USPS stand for United States Postal Service as it is official postal service in the United States of America which came into being in 1971 and has been working actively to deliver posts and mails to all the citizens of this country since then. This company has more than 600,000 employees who have the job to deliver all the mails in time. This figure was noticed in the first month of 2014. The logo of USPS is represented by an Eagle having open wings which shows a sign of its convenience in delivering all the mails. This company had a loss of more than 5 billion US Dollars in the year 2014.



You can use the official website of this department of the United States to deliver different mails to the specified addresses. To change or manage your address changes, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Open the URL in your web browser in order to get to know about the services offered by it.
  • Under the category of changing, viewing or updating the address that you have, enter your new postal code along with the confirmation code and submit this information by clicking the “Submit” button located on right side of the space bars where information is required.
  • You can also read the privacy policy of this company in order to get to know its rules and regulations in a better way.
  • The department also offers you a “Help” link on upper right side of the main window pane so that you may read guide lines on different topics in which you are facing trouble.

You can find the confirmation code required in this step by submitting the online application form and receiving the confirmation code via Email.

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