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TALX Paperless Pay is a program which is offered by the very famous Human Resource Company since last forty years. With the help of this program one can manage the Pay Stub, upgrade employee tax, direct deposit. It also provides the services of Tax Management and HR Payroll, UC Express, Work Number, W-2 Management, Tax Credit and many more. One can use this program to make electronic reports for schedules, commissions and other associated works. This program saves the time and money of the company as paperless pay checks are planned through it. In addition to this employee can also manage his payrolls and check his finance.


Before sign up with the account of TALX program you must fulfill the criteria which are given below:

  • You need to have the employer code.
  • You require a social security number and the PIN code

Detailed guidelines for sign up with TALX Paperless:

Follow the given guidelines and complete the sign up process:

  • Firstly turn on your computer and open the internet browser.
  • Enter the given URL in the search bar of web browser and then push the “Enter” button.
  • As the home page of the website opens you are supposed to click on the button which is marked as “Login” in order to access your personal account and make sure the payroll.
  • You have to provide your employee’s code and access the login page and check the pay roll.
  • You can choose the above steps if you are already a registered member but if you are a new member of the website then first of all contact your employer to obtain the login information.
  • Following that you are believed to give the username and then click the button labeled as “Continue” to move next.
  • You have to enter the PIN code when the new page will be appeared and then tick the button labeled as “Login”.
  • You need to go through the directions of enrollment and then click the tab of “Enroll Now”.
  • Select a security image and click on the “Continue” tab to proceed further.
  • Choose 6 security questions and then answer them accordingly in the specified fields.
  • In next part give your contact details such as cell number and email id and then tick the “Continue” tab.
  • Review it that every provided detail is correct or not before submission of data. At Last click on “Complete” to submit the form.
  • Now you will obtain a message on next page which proves the registration. Tick on the button which is labeled as “Close”.
  • You will get the Employee code on your email id and then login your account by clicking the main menu.

Employee benefits and incentives that company is providing:

The Securitas Epay is an authorized website which is designed by TALX Corporation to give the HR, Payroll and Tax services to business.

  1. Company’s employees can easily get the details of their pay online by accessing the website. They can also work out the commission and manage tax details online.
  2. Securitas is operational in United States and Canada and a range of companies are getting this facility from them.
  3. You are supposed to access your registered account on the website in order to check the pay roll by entering required details.

What employee can get by sign up with TALX Paperless program?

  • It decreases the price as no paper is required for preparing pay stubs.
  • It offers a 24/7 access to the payroll details for employees.
  • This is an online method so there is no delay predictable in delivery of pay.
  • The data of employee will be kept confidential.
  • This program also saves the time of both the company as well as the employees.

Important Note For Registered Users:

  • In case if you do not receive the username or PIN code or Password” then please makes contact with your employer because he is responsible for all this.
  • Similarly if you are logging in from a non public device then you are required to choose “Remember My Device” to remember your device for future login.
  • You will be asked to log in each time when you come back. You are required to give username and password. They will also require answering some of your security questions in order to verify your identity when you log in next time.

Contact Us:

  • To receive the pay stub through mobile phone you can contact the company by calling at any of the following numbers:
  • 1-800-951-3729
  • 866-6045-3729
  • 888-641-3729
  • 1-866-314-3729
  • 1-888-601-3729
  • You can email the problem regarding the enrollment and login process to the company and get the necessary help.
  • You can also visit the FAQ’s to in order to contact the website customer service center.
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