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In order to access their tax record and payroll record, companies has permitted to their staff members to go through this services and get benefits. ADP Total Access site of Canada that has opened an opportunity to make yourself registered over here. By getting this facility, you can view and take print out of your own tax records as well as payroll as per your requirement.

It is the best service that should be availed by your company, if so, then you should considered yourself lucky as you can access the exact amount of your tax return and payroll without any further delay for getting email from the owner of your company. by printer facility, this statement can be printed out easily for submission of tax and recoding of statement for future reference.


  • Must have a computer and a computer and also familiar with it.
  • You should have an account


  • Go to this site by internet browser.
  • On the first page enter username, password, and client # and press the “Login now” button.
  • If you  are not registered there then create a account click on the “ register now”
  • Read all term and condition and tick the check box to go further click on the “Submit button.
  • On the first step give your individual detail to identify who are you enter “first name” “last name” “email address” “verify you email” “DOB”.
  • Provide the Employment specify like ‘client Number” “company code” “employee ID/file#” “Hire date (mm/dd/yyyy).
  • Now select the security question to secure your account.
  • Write a password must be 8 to 20 characters and contain at least 1 number.
  • After completing the form hit the “submit button”


It is providing facility to the number of companies which want to formulized their payroll and tax recording system.


It is American based large organization which is located in New Jersey of America, also referred as Automatic Data Processing company and popular with the name of ADP Total Access. It is engaged in providing financial services to different companies, these services can be as tax recording, HR related issues and payroll. Approx. 545,000 customers are availing this facility internationally.

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