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The American Airlines is one of the leading airlines of America. It is 4th largest airline in the whole world and also member of One World airline alliance. Company expanded and become popular choice of the fliers during last 2 decades. Many companies offers the facility of online check-in to its customers. One can easily check-in from his computer using internet. American Airline can only be accessed by its customers in the 24 hours before flight until two hours before departing. This service helps you to save time instead of standing in long queue at the check-in corner of the airport.

What are the main requirements for online check-in?

User requires to fulfill the following needs to check-in online before taking a flight:

  • User need to have a PC with the internet access.
  • You must have flight ticket of American Airlines.

How a flier can check-in online?

You need to go through the following guidelines to check-in:

  • First of all open the given link of website through any search engine to start the process of online check-in via American Airline.
  • As the homepage opens you need to enter the passenger first and last name in given blanks.
  • Enter the Record Locator in the next blank and click on the blue color tab which is marked as “Find Reservation”.
  • Now you have to add the name of passenger for whom you are checking-in in the given field.
  • Tick on the button which is labeled as “Check-In”.
  • You have to pick up the option marked as “Print” and then hit the button “Print Boarding Pass (ES)”.
  • Collect the boarding pass and bring it with you to take off flight.
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