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  • In the first step open your browser and type the address .
  • The new page will be opened.
  • The page opened will allow you to use the website.
  • Before applying for the license you should assure that your license is expired or is going toe expire within ninety days.
  • You should be a British citizen.
  • You should meet the eye requirement.
  • You are not prevented form driving because of any reason
  • By applying online you can get your license in a week.
  • Click the start now button to start your procedure.
  • You can log on or register or you can re register yourself.
  • By clicking any of the option would take you to the option of security of your data.
  • Clicking the continue will take you to your details and you will be needed to provide your name, your surname, your gender, your date of birth, your country of birth,.
  • By clicking next you would need to enter your address. Please enter your correct address.
  • Your driver record.
  • After this you need to enter your security details.
  • After security details enter your national insurance number, UK passport number and click next.
  • Then you will be taken to application section.
  • After that you will proceed to the third section of submit,
  • By completing the submit section you will be asked for final confirmation.
  • Please check your details as they are entered correctly.

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Direct Gov. is a government website for the citizens of UK to give them a life full of happiness, contentment. So the people of United Kingdom should stay happy in their lives.

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