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Fido is an Canadian wireless networking company and also offers a number of networking devices as well as cell phones in its outlets and online shop. Using the online portal, you can shop for a number of plans, data packages, cell phones, SIM cards and many other accessories. You can use the official website of this company to directly chat with the company representative in order to discuss the problems that you are facing while using the company’s product or service. the company also offers its services on discount rates from time to time to promote these services.



To login to the account on Fido to check the bills with which you are charged, you have to follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Open the website of this company in your browser tab by entering the URL www.fido.ca
  • A pop up window appears on the screen asking you to enter your location inside Canada. Select your location and click the “Continue” button.
  • If your location name is not displayed in the provided list, click the “Click here” link to proceed.
  • In the main menu options, click the third option in row which is “My account”.
  • If you are already a registered customer, enter the Fido number that you posses and your password. This link also provides you an option of logging in with a group ID and password.
  • In case if you are not registered, you can create a new account by providing your Fido number and proceed to the registration form.
  • In the account management settings of your account, go to the account management settings and click the “View your bill” option to check the bills.

You can also use this account to make online bill payments of your cell phone.

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