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In order to present itself as a huge and best financial institution, Barclays bank in constantly involved in the business of assets management, investment banking and commercial banking and consumer banking. In regard of asset management, it is being known as the best and biggest bank in the United Kingdom. This bank is not relying only in these fields rather it is taking interest in other fields of innovations and technology. For this purpose, it has incorporated almost 2600 branches which are being operated internationally. As a consultant or financial advisor, it is also providing its unique guideline to the major sectors of other corporations.

Barclay bank is providing facility to its customers so that they can easily opened their online account with them and can make payment through this online account inspite of physical visit to different branches for payment purpose.


  • You should have a speedy internet connection.
  • Must have a computer or laptop and also know how to operate it.
  • You should have a legal card number.


  • Go to this site through your internet correlation.
  • The official page of this site hit it off the forgotten membership number structure.
  • At the beginning  enter your “Surname” “date of birth” “ card number” “ 3 digit security code”
  • Push the “Request number” button.
  • If you have any problem then click on the “Contact us” option post your question related to this site and then click on the “Find the answer” option , you can receive a list of answer after a few second.


Through this account you can manage your all online transaction and view their statement of account.


This bank now has opened online service by which you can easily handle your online account instead of going different branches which can be far away from your actual location. It is also providing facility for 24/7 hours.

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