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The Go to Meeting is an online portal which offers the meeting software. User can make an online conference with almost 15 attendees. For the encouragement to use this service company launched a free trial period of 30 days. User just need to enroll at the official website of the company and get an account through which you can make an online conference free of cost. User have to install the software on his computer and work freely. If you are not liking the services you can easily cancel the trial within 30 days. But if you are interested in using the services you need to pay $49 per month and become permanent user.

What are the requirements for enrollment ?

  • User must have a computer with the internet connection to complete the online processing.

What are the step-wise instructions to be followed for registration?

  • Open the website of the company at the given link www.joingotomeeting.com to start the sign up procedure.
  • As the window opens you need to click on the option marked as “Free Trial” located at the bottom of page to avail the free trial service offered by the website.
  • In the next step you will be shown a set of Instructions and rules, you need to go through them carefully.
  • If you have no conflict with the privacy policy of the company then click on the button labeled as “Continue”.
  • Now you need to add your email address and password in the given fields to complete the registration procedure.
  • After registration you have to download the software of the Go to Meeting and then install it and enjoy the free trial period of software.
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