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The Washington Metropolitan Area is commonly called as Metro and founded in 1967. Metro aims at maintaining safe and reliable transit system. Metro launched a new service named as Metro eAlerts which helps the customers to get notified by email and text messages of the recent schedule of the metro services. User can choose the alert services for a specific day or throughout the whole time span. Metro gives 3 kinds of services of eAlerts named as Metrorail eAlerts, Metro Access eAlerts and Elevator eAlerts.

What are the main requirements for signing up ?

  • You need to have a computer with the internet access.
  • User must have a cell number and valid email address.

What are the main steps to be followed for sign up procedure?

Go through the following steps to access the registration form to get eAlerts:

  • First of all open the authorized website of the company to get an access to the registration form. Follow the given link of website
  • In next step you have to find out the option of “Rider Tools” and then click on it.
  • Now you have to enter the “eAlerts” which is present in the drop down of menu bar.
  • Select an option among the given eAlerts options according to your choice.
  • After picking up an option you have to hit on the tab which is labeled as “Subscribe”.
  • Follow the screen instructions to complete the procedure. Add your email address or contact number to get the eAlerts on your mobile or email ID.
  • Select the time in which you need to check the services of metro. Lastly click on the button which is marked as “Subscribe” to complete the process.
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