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Publisher clearing house is different service providers like they are retailing different merchandize, magazines and they are offering different sweepstake for winning prize and other rewards. They are famous for their prize patrol and amazing sweepstake services for all online users.


From 1953 they have replaced old fashioned magazine distribution method an electronic method. They are allowing users to subscribe online magazine and read amazing stuff at. They are delivering their services more than 50 states. Only 444 employees are doing well job for all customers of this company to provide them best services.

How to access?

  • Use this link to get amazing prize offer.
  • On the page see the offer “win $10,000 a week for life” and click on the button “Start”.
  • Choose the titles, first name , last name, street address and zip code.
  • Enter date of birth, email address and choose some other options and click on the button “Continue”.

Now you have entered into the sweepstake and you can have a chance to win $10,000 every week. You can be a lucky winner here , check your email daily to have results.

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