Access Taste Card To Redeem Half Price Of Fancy Eating

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Taste card was establish in 2006 and come with two major aims to help our restaurants by influencing individuals to consume out all the more regularly, and to help our parts by making consuming out additional competitive. From London they initially start with 150 restaurants and now they are running more then 2500 restaurant. They gave to their customer a chance to spare cash without trading off on their lifestyles and helped restaurants to keep exchanging the hardest times seen for an era. after getting a card you can enjoy food at 5000 restaurant with 50% discount.


  • You must have a redemption code for accessing a taste card.
  • Provide your valid information to receive card.
  • You must have a computer and internet.


  • Visit this site paste this link into your internet browser and press enter to visit this website.
  • To redeem you 12 month taste card enter detail like first enter redemption code.
  • Enter first name, surname and email address.
  • If this a gift then tick mark the checkbox enter first name on card and surname on card.
  • Select your country and address, city and zip code.
  • If you want app for your smart phone like iphone, blackberry through which you can search for taste card restaurant then tick mark the checkbox.
  • At the last press “send me my taste card” button.


If you get a card you can get 50% discount for enjoying food at 5000 restaurant.


This is not just offers the low rate superb food to the clients additionally helps the restaurant possessors to get firm clients for their sustenance

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