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TaxAcat offers new products to give you everything you need at the best value. File your returns for free and get the maximize refund.


Product Types:

There are four types of products you can buy to get best tax solutions.


  • Perfect for simple tax returns
  • Free for all
  • $0


  • Import prior year data
  • Limitless phone support
  • $14.99
  • Make payment when you file


  • Best for itemized returns
  • Perfect for financiers and proprietors
  • $24.99
  • Make payment when you file


  • Ideal for self-employed,
  • Best for freelancers and contractors
  • $34.99
  • Make payment when you file

Start For Free:

  • Visit the web address that is com .
  • Once there, you will see all products with the price.
  • Select an appropriate item that best suits your situation and click the “Stat For Free” green button placed beneath every product.
  • Next, you need to access your existing account or create a new profile.
  • Current member? Click on the “Sign In” link.
  • Provide customer ID/ username in first space.
  • Enter your password.
  • Verify your identity for security reasons by ticking the box that says “I’m Not A Robot.”
  • Click on “Sign In” blue button.

Username Help:

  • If you fail to remember your ID, select “Forgot Username” option to retrieve it.
  • Enter email address.
  • Click the “Send Email” blue button.
  • The company will send you a username for your account via email.

Password Help:

  • If you need reset your password, choose “Forgot Password” link on the login page.
  • Type your customer ID or username.
  • Click the button that says “Send Email” and follow the directions.


If you are new on this website, become a registered member

  • Fill out the form with accurate registration data.
  • Frist input a preferred email address. You will receive username help and other relevant information in your inbox.
  • Create a username you want for your account.
  • Set up a robust password. Keep the information confidential.
  • Enter your mobile phone number. The company will send you confirmation code for account verification.
  • Select the security question from the menu list.
  • Answer the security question. You will need the information to recover your account.
  • Once done, click “Create My Account” button.

Read privacy statement and license agreement before applying for an account.


  • Free, easy and fast tax filing
  • Immediate refund status
  • Get a clear picture of amount due and your refund for easy return preparation
  • Arrange, print and file your federal and state (1040EZ/A) electronically for free.
  • Free email help for free tax and technical support
  • Access TaxAct’s Answer Center to get solutions and answers fast

Features Are Also Available For Download:

  • Click “Tax Preparation” to begin the application.
  • Compare Download product forms and features and select that best suits you.
  • Hit the green button “Add To Cart” to proceed.
  • Next, choose product format.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • See your shopping cart contents.
  • You can update the quantity of items in your cart, change the quantity. Just press “Update” button.
  • Click on “Checkout” button to proceed.
  • Now you need to sign in.
  • Input your ID or username and follow the directions to complete your order application.

TaxAct Plus:

You can enhance tax credits and deductions for best tax outcome and get one state return and five free federal e-files.

  • Click the “Add To Cart” green button to continue.
  • Select a state and product format.
  • Press “Continue” button.
  • Review shopping cart summary to update any information hit the “Update” button and make changes.
  • Once done, hit “Checkout” button to complete your order.
  • Sign in and submit your order.

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